"Streamlined nutrition through recipe AI and connected kitchenware"

The Ask

Versaware is a start up company looking to create a splash in the health industry with their revolutionary food preparation products. We were approached to create a video that would highlight both the unique capabilities of their products, as well as the lifestyle benefits that could come from using said products.

The Approach

Given that Versaware is in the high end health and fitness world, we decided to create a visual story that would be clean and concise, emphasizing the type of person that might be interested in the products on display. By showing how the products could be used in daily food preparation and fitness, we hoped to connect the “what” and “why” in the consumers head.

The goals and motives of a company should be visually represented in their finished video.

Over the course of two shooting days we knocked out our storyboarded shots and moved into the editing process. We deliberately made sure to push the edit towards a bright, clean aesthetic, capturing the overall essence of Versaware as a company. The final product is one of our favorites, and is currently helping Versaware garner interest for their new products.

The Feedback

“Working with Uncharted Film Co. to build our companies first product launch video was an amazing experience. Their energetic yet professional approach to video production is second to none. I couldn’t recommend more the work that they deliver and personally cant wait for our next collaboration with these guys.”