My Mastery Journal

"All positive changes begin in the mind - and with the Realizations Self-Mastery Journal for Men & Women, you can live life to the fullest potential, one page at a time."

The Ask

My Mastery Journal needed a video to help them stand out from the many other self help journals on Amazon. We also needed to highlight the many beneficial functions of the book is a simple and concise way.

The Approach

To understand how to best stand out, we started by researching My Mastery Journal's competitors and what they were doing with their content. We noticed one thing they all lacked, which is typically essential in most projects, and that's a story for viewers to relate to. With that approach locked in, we looked at their ideal target market, which was young adult to middle aged men, and walked through a typical day, transformed by the My Mastery Journal.

After creating the storyboard, identifying talent and locations, it was time to begin shooting. We took on the challenge of capturing everything in one day, so a detailed itinerary was essential to pull it off. From a coffee shop, to a truck bed, to an apartment converted office scene, we were able to capture everything we needed, and still make it home in time for dinner!

When it came to post production, we had two main hurdles to overcome. First, we had to get a cut under a minute, ideally shorter, as Amazon has length guidelines and there's only so much time you can keep the attention of someone looking for a journal. Second, we needed to incorporate text that's easily understandable, doesn't distract from the product, and doesn't add a significant amount of time to the length. After some different iterations, we were happy with how we addressed each of those hurdles.

The Feedback

"As a business owner, having a high-quality video is one of the easiest and best ways to stand out from your competition. The video that Uncharted Film Co. produced is an essential piece in helping establish my brand, and not to mention, after just two weeks I’ve already seen improvements in my conversion rate and profitability in my ad campaigns.

These guys are incredibly attentive, detailed, and fun to work with. They handled my suggestions professionally and returned final edits in a timely manner until I was fully satisfied.

There’s no doubt I will return to them for future videos! Highly recommend!"