Awesome Mitten

"Awesome Mitten is all about bringing you the best of what our favorite state – Michigan! – has to offer."

The Ask

Awesome Mitten wanted to inspire those in and around Michigan to leave the comfort of their homes and experience the best Michigan has to offer throughout the winter season. They asked if we could create a video that engages viewers enough to check out their Michigan Winter Bucket List and experience the excitement Michigan has to offer.

The Approach

To accomplish this task, we had to think outside the box of typical Michigan activities. We felt this would give us the best opportunity to quickly capture viewer's attention and get them looking for more. Awesome Mitten was an amazing resource to narrow down our list of activities, and after coordinating with each location, we were ready to create a storyboard.

Once we began shooting, we realized there was one big issue… we can’t control the weather. Knowing snow in Michigan is unpredictable, we had to be ready to capture several scenes on the fly. Others were captured as we traveled throughout Michigan, catching a few lucky, and cold, breaks.

One aspect of this production we really wanted to drive home is the audio experience. We were aiming for a very authentic and personable vibe. The voiceover artist we worked with nailed the tone and inflection that the project needed. To properly accompany the voiceover, we found music that would compliment and not overpower the story, and added sound effects to really make you feel like you are in the scene.

We loved working on this project with Awesome Mitten and can’t wait to share more about the amazing things Michigan has to offer!

The Result

After Awesome Mitten shared the video on their social media channels, it was viewed by nearly 50,000 Michiganders and beyond. More importantly, people were taking action, with a high level of engagement a pride being shared in the mitten state.